Blah, Blah, bloggity blah. This is were I’m supposed to ego trip to you dear reader, about how unique I am and how you’re just going to love me. Meh. I’ve been around the merry-go-round enough times to know that I get vertigo if I keep going around. The more I exalt myself the more likely I am to fall into “The Pit of Despair”. So lets just keep things simple and I’ll save you the illusions of grandeur.

I was made in Singapore. Just like the tag says. We moved to Hong Kong. We moved to New Jersey. We moved to London. I went to college in New York state. I came to understand that God was real there and became a believer in Christ. I moved to Seattle, WA and I’ve lived in the Seattle area longer than anywhere else.

I’m a married gal. I’ve got two adorable kids and one naughty rabbit. I’m going gray. I love Wonder Woman. My back hurts and I want a facelift. See? Stupid ego.

Come back and visit me again, soon.

Wonder Womanly Yours,


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